Seatig Inc. is a global IT services company headquartered in New York with development offices in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Sydney, and Chengdu. Most of our clients are located in Greater New York area with small percentage of customers located at other regions of the world.

Seatig was established in 2008. In earlier years of inception, we catered mostly to hedge funds by assembling teams of quantitative programmers developing and maintaining analytic and infrastructural systems such as pricing systems, risk systems, trading platforms, order management systems, compliance applications, investor management portals, and hedge fund intranet. We had experience working with fixed income products, e.g., bonds, IRS, CDS, Forward, FX, MBS, ABS, etc.

Since 2010, Seatig started to serve many New York-based Fin-tech companies by developing and maintaining their in-house applications. We usually provide full spectrum solution ranging from web-based platforms, to social-network applications, to IOS and Android mobile APPs. Our team is experienced from UX/UI design, to architecting, coding, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We are very versed in domains such as consumer financing, investment analytics, portfolio management and analysis, spending behavior analysis, online investing, P2P funding, crowd sourcing, big data analysis, government reporting, stock charting, and sentiment analysis.

Seatig prides itself being part of the dynamic start-up ecosystem in New York area. Twenty percent (20%) of our clients are young, bright, innovative, titan-to-be entrepreneurs. Our start-ups clients take the ideas to us, and we make them fly and fruit. Seatig leverages its experience in full spectrum and full life-cycle development of a wide range of applications to incubate and nurture the most exciting applications/APPs of the next generation. Our low-cost development centers outside of New York and in Asia add non-disputable value to the early development of the tech-centric businesses.

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