Why Chengdu?

Comparing to the first tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, Chengdu offers perfect location arbitrage: Shanghai is the financial center of China while Chengdu is designated as the financial middle/back office center in China by Chinese central government. There is a high industry concentration of middle-back office operations and programming resources.

Part of the reason that we are able to retain talent and maintain very low turnover rate is that working directly with Wall Street companies is among the best opportunities in IT and software industry in Chengdu.

With lower life pressure, people in Chengdu are famous for pleasure-in-living attitude. Therefore, employees in Chengdu in general tend to stay with the same employer for longer period of time than those in Beijing or Shanghai.

Fast facts of Chengdu:

• 2009 GDP $65b, per capita $5087
• Double digits growth for 20 years
• Area 4,786 miles^2
• 12.58Million residents
• 179 out of fortune 500 companies have presence in Chengdu
• 42 universities, 570,000 students on campus
• Total competitiveness ranked 9th in China
• Two and half hours away from Beijing and Shanghai by air