Deep domain expertise and innovative domain insights

We believe that the competitive value we offer to our clients is our deep understanding of the domain and the innovative solutions we can put together for our client’s problems. Having successfully served hedge funds and investment banks, we have accumulated deep domain expertise and have cultivated our unique methodology of management and delivery framework. Our clients have been 100% satisfied with our agility and ability to pinpoint their problems and secure solutions.

Long term partnership and low turnover rate

Being able to build long term partnership is the key competency and the core strategy of Seatig Inc. Our business is thriving because of the loyalty and trust we have earned through the years of services to our clients. For most of our clients, we have been continuously serving them for more than 5 years.

Strikingly Low turnover rate is another aspect that we are so proud of for our business. We have adopted management structure that ensures year-over-year turnover rate is less than 5%. Our clients are happy to see the same faces and hear the same voice year over year. Sometimes, our programmers stay with the client even longer than the client’s onshore engineers.

High quality and selective culture infusion

Our developers are located in three of our Chinese cities. Over the years, we have been using various ways to train our employees to westernize the corporate culture so that our clients feel the least barriers on culture and language. English is the official language in our company and our employees are required to communicate in English while working.

However there is one important piece of Chinese culture that we have encouraged our employees to retain and have been sharing cherisher with our clients, and that is the Chinese modesty. In the programming world, modesty usually resulted in better-thought architecture and code than the words. Clients, who were burned by high turnover rate and the “beautifully said than done” altitude from other providers, switched to us and found out that our programmers’ work is rock solid.