A Crowdsourcing Company Taps into Seatig for Python Talent

 NEW YORK, USA – March 18, 2016 – Seatig Inc. (www.seatig.com), a premier global financial IT services and outsourcing firm, today announced that Growthfountain, a business crowdsourcing market place, tapped into Seatig for python talent.

Seatig has built up the reputation as the to-go place by New York-based exciting Fin-tech firms for talented development teams or individual developers. After serving the Fin-tech community for many years, we pride ourselves with exceptional understanding of the soft skills for building successful systems and what takes the development teams to be instrumentally aligned with the business. Our clients often fell in love with our developers after the first couple of rounds of interview and stay with our developers after many years of service.

Growth Fountain (http://growthfountain.com/) is a trusted crowdfunding marketplace where individuals can come together to support entrepreneurs and small businesses all across America. They provide wide-ranging support, tutorials and tools to help companies with their fundraising efforts. Further, they provide forums to facilitate personal connections, so businesses can find talent, solicit advice, and meet the right people necessary to advance their cause.

Seatig is working to build a development team of full stack developers who are:

- Experienced writing applications using Python/Flask
- Comfortable with UI Development / Responsive Design / Bootstrap / CSS/HTML
- Fluent in JavaScript/AngularJS
- Expert in MongoDB

- With sufficient understanding of MVC & SOLID