Seatig Overhauls Starsinvest Website

 NEW YORK, USA – October 1, 2015 – Seatig Inc. (, a premier global financial IT services and outsourcing firm, today announced that after being worked with Starsinvest for more than a year, Seatig was given additional new responsibility to overhaul its product website.

Starsinvest has been working with Seatig for more than a year so far to build and maintain its product website:  Starsinvest had users from time 0 when we started to work together so Seatig adopted the agile approach to build the site in a gradual way to ensure the non-disrupting usage of the current users while at the same time adding new functionalities incrementally. After more than one year of user and market testing, Starsinvest had the need to implement a major upgrade of the interface to improve the user experience as Starsinvest moves from product focused development to market focused development. Seatig added graphic designer and front-end engineers to fulfill this requirement.

Starsinvest ( promotes Global Investing through an interactive investing platform and a “learning-by-doing” approach: PRACTICE THE GLOBAL MARKETS, STUDY THE GURU INVESTORS, COMPETE AND WIN THE PRIZES, BECOME A STAR OF INVESTING! It is a social enabled investing and learning platform that identifies and grows the future investing stars.