Chinese Data Entry Industry Review and Outsourcing Destination Analysis

China opened its door to the world in 1978 and has become the world’s manufacturer since then. From 1990 to 2005, China’s export composition shifted from apparel, textiles, toys, footwear, agricultural products to electronics, machinery, and appliance. The financial crisis in 2008 has hurt China’s export sector, China has since strategically shifted its support from the export oriented economic model to service oriented. BPO and ITO have emerged as the bright spot in government policies. As an important part of BPO industry, data entry service also gets many government support and favorable policies.

In 2008, Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Implementing Some Policies and Measures for Accelerating the Development of the Service Sector, Ministry of Finance's and Ministry of Commerce's Opinion of Participation of International Service Outsourcing Business Development's Related Fiscal and Taxation Policy, Ministry of Commerce's Guidance Opinion of Optimizing Service Trade Work in 2008 have specific implementations on the support policies of developing information service and service outsourcing works...

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