ERP-Education Industry

Business Problems:

The Hope Education Industry Group established in December 1999 is one member of the West Hope Group. It focuses on education industry and has more than twenty education entities. With assets over 370 million USD, they committed to become the first brand of private educational institutions in China. Though they have some stand-alone systems to meet their basic business needs, the different systems in early design are completely independent. The typical information island problem and ever surging complex business data resulted from the fast growth of the company has become hard to manage and threatens the further growth of the business.

Solutions and Achievements:

We provided a comprehensive management information system for Hope Education Industry Group to resolve their complex business data and information island problem. This solution not only connects the islands of their data, but also provides customized services in the complex flow of business data. The brand new platform combines several subsystems for the business data management. Through the integration of various business systems, client can get the benefit of data integration, well defined business process management, improved operation efficiency, and cost reduction.

Technical Details:

  • Platforms: Windows Sever 2008,IIS 7.0
  • Architecture Design: UML (Unified Modeling Language)
  • Languages: C#, XML, JavaScript
  • IDE and Version Control: Visual Studio 2010, SVN
  • Database: SQL Server 2008