ERP-Travel Industry

Business Problems:

One of the largest Chinese travel companies needs a totally new solution to manage all aspects of their business. The business has outgrown their current IT system. The current IT system is not flexible enough to accommodate new changes of business processes.

Solutions and Achievements:

The new ERP system is designed around the concept of role-players and process structure. The control flows along all business processes comprise a 3-dimentional structure where each employee in the company is a vertex on the structure. The new system is easily extensible and better user-friendly. The new system better represents the natural structure of the company’s business among its departments, regions, and product lines.

Technical Details:

  • Platforms: Windows Sever 2008
  • Languages: C#, XML, Javascript
  • Web Server: IIS 7.0
  • Database: Oracle 9i
  • IDE and Version Control: Visual Studio 2008 and SVN
  • Architecture Design: UML (Unified Modeling Language)