Hedge Fund Intranet Portal*

Business problems:

The client is a multi-billion dollar hedge fund. The fund’s intranet web platform was written in a combination of Windows-based technologies and Linux-based technologies. The intranet platform serves as the portal for all major analytic systems such as risk reports, P&L reporting, NAV calculation, strategy simulation, and instruments pricing. The portal covers major daily middle/back office operations and reporting. Because of the typical dilemma of investment-in-technology vs. investment-in-business at earlier stage of the fund, the intranet had a simple design at the beginning and then was built up by incremental functional modules. As the business grew, the system became obsolete and cumbersome to fluent management of changing requirements, and therefore more and more manual work was required to operate the system.

Solutions and Achievements:

To solve the above problems, we provided a reasonable and well-designed solution for our client. With the help from client engineers, we not only straightened the existing workflow one by one, but more importantly created new unified workflow for the current business. This effort makes the maintenance work easier than ever before. We have been continuing with the daily maintenance of the intranet system including re-architecting existing scripts as well as adding new features for the overall system.

Technical details:

* This is a hypothetic case study due to strong industry compliance requirements but the real cases are comparable technically and the engagement scenario is similar too.